How to Ghost Hunt?

Even though ghost hunting is considered a science by it’s followers, it’s not rocket science, so ghost hunting is fairly easy. First things first, you need to know some basics so you don’t just blindly rush into things.

Get to know your location. Make sure you know if the location you are investigating is abandoned or, in some cases, occupied, so you can get permission to ghost hunt on the premises.

Know your ghosts. In most cases you will encounter two types of ghosts while ghost hunting. The first ones are the most well known, a human spirit that continued to reside on this plane of existence. The spirit is usually held here by some unfinished business or in some cases it doesn’t even know it’s dead. This type of ghost you will encounter in almost 95% of your ghost hunting trips. The other type is tricky. This type was never human and is bad news so you better stay clear of them and make sure you’re protected. But don’t despair, chances are you won’t encounter this type of ghost very often. Since the first type of ghosts makes for 95% of your ghost hunting trips, this second type only makes up about 5% so you can breathe easily.

how to ghost hunt

Be well equipped. When you go on a ghost hunting trip you should always have your basic equipment. You can find these basic equipment in your own home! It consists of a digital camera, flashlight and a first aid kit should you cut or hurt yourself in some way. And spare batteries, lots of spare batteries. You see, spirits feed on electricity to get stronger and batteries will run out very fast so you might end up changing batteries a lot! Also, if you don’t have confidence in your memory, bring a notepad to write down your observations. It never hurts to review what you have seen and learned to gain experience for your next ghost hunting trip!

Dress appropriately. Don’t act tough and think you won’t get cold on a summers night ghost hunting trip. Remember, areas where ghosts reside tend to drop drastically in temperature and no hunter wants to hear your sneezing on their sound recorders which are also recommended to bring on ghost hunting trips. A watch is a nice accessory to your warm jacket, but it also serves for logging in times of certain events. Who knows, maybe a ghost has a routine it follows exactly on the dot every day and if you don’t log that in, you could miss out on something big.

Well, these are the basics on ghost hunting. Hope it gave you some idea of how to prepare and what to expect. Next you should head over to our ghost hunting tips to even further your knowledge and get better prepared for your first ghost hunting adventure!