Ghost Hunting Tips!

These are the basic ghost hunting tips!

By now I assume you know how to ghost hunt. You know your location, you got your basic equipment and are well dressed in case of eternal winter in a haunted bathroom. But there are still some, let’s say, pro tips you should keep in mind.

For starters always have your ID with you in case something happens. You never know if you’re gonna’ trip and fall down the stairs and need to call an ambulance. That being said, bring a cell phone!

Like Reds fans say, you’ll never walk alone. It’s a given to have someone with you to help out or in case of an emergency. Oh, and always tell someone who isn’t going with you where you are actually ghost hunting, you know, just in case.

Bring liquids for hydration. Alcohol is off-limits for obvious reasons. No smoking either since haunted houses are for some reason always old and made of wood. Don’t want a Wickerman show do ya’?

ghost hunting tips

Like some are skeptical of your explanations of some events, you be skeptical about theirs. Be sure to investigate every phenomenon be it natural or supernatural to ensure you are on the right track. By eliminating every natural cause of something, you are bound to discover something supernatural!

Get well informed about the location you are investigating by reading and researching. You should even explore the location by day to get a better idea of what to expect so you don’t bump into things at night. That being said, take lots of photos for later reference.

If you are ghost hunting in an open space, like a meadow or a forest, you will need clear weather conditions. The cold can’t hurt you now since you got your trusty winter jacket, but fog, wind, rain and snow can interfere with your hunt and your ghost hunting equipment. Nevertheless, bring a pair of warm and fuzzy gloves just in case. A hat wouldn’t be a bad idea either.

Clear your mind before a ghost hunt. Ghosts can feel your emotions and if you’re sad after a breakup or angry because you just got fired, ghosts will not appear and shun you. Negative feelings will certainly drive spirits away and your ghost hunting trip will be for nothing.

And last, but not least, be respectful of the ghost and the locations they are occupying. The spirit decided to reside on that specific location for a reason, be it something of sentimental value, their previous home or they just liked it in their previous life so don’t go around littering, destroying or messing up the place. You are basically in someone’s home so be nice!


How to Ghost Hunt?

Even though ghost hunting is considered a science by it’s followers, it’s not rocket science, so ghost hunting is fairly easy. First things first, you need to know some basics so you don’t just blindly rush into things.

Get to know your location. Make sure you know if the location you are investigating is abandoned or, in some cases, occupied, so you can get permission to ghost hunt on the premises.

Know your ghosts. In most cases you will encounter two types of ghosts while ghost hunting. The first ones are the most well known, a human spirit that continued to reside on this plane of existence. The spirit is usually held here by some unfinished business or in some cases it doesn’t even know it’s dead. This type of ghost you will encounter in almost 95% of your ghost hunting trips. The other type is tricky. This type was never human and is bad news so you better stay clear of them and make sure you’re protected. But don’t despair, chances are you won’t encounter this type of ghost very often. Since the first type of ghosts makes for 95% of your ghost hunting trips, this second type only makes up about 5% so you can breathe easily.

how to ghost hunt

Be well equipped. When you go on a ghost hunting trip you should always have your basic equipment. You can find these basic equipment in your own home! It consists of a digital camera, flashlight and a first aid kit should you cut or hurt yourself in some way. And spare batteries, lots of spare batteries. You see, spirits feed on electricity to get stronger and batteries will run out very fast so you might end up changing batteries a lot! Also, if you don’t have confidence in your memory, bring a notepad to write down your observations. It never hurts to review what you have seen and learned to gain experience for your next ghost hunting trip!

Dress appropriately. Don’t act tough and think you won’t get cold on a summers night ghost hunting trip. Remember, areas where ghosts reside tend to drop drastically in temperature and no hunter wants to hear your sneezing on their sound recorders which are also recommended to bring on ghost hunting trips. A watch is a nice accessory to your warm jacket, but it also serves for logging in times of certain events. Who knows, maybe a ghost has a routine it follows exactly on the dot every day and if you don’t log that in, you could miss out on something big.

Well, these are the basics on ghost hunting. Hope it gave you some idea of how to prepare and what to expect. Next you should head over to our ghost hunting tips to even further your knowledge and get better prepared for your first ghost hunting adventure!


What is Ghost Hunting?

Ghost hunting has been around for years. It’s been the subject of many movies, series, TV shows and has imprinted itself deeply into popular culture. While many consider it to be a pseudoscience and very often ridicule it, a small few consider it a true and respectable scientific branch. The reason why academics, scientists and educators don’t accept it as a true scientific branch is because of the lack of scientific methods ghost hunters apply in their tasks. Some of the many tools used in ghost hunting include a wide range of electronic equipment like digital cameras, night vision cameras, thermometers, audio recorders and so on. You could say that ghost hunting is an expensive profession.

But when you look into history books, ghosting hunting can even date back as much as to China in 1110AD! In those times, they used a method called fuji which means planchette writing to contact the dead and the spirit world but under special rules, rituals and supervision. It would seem that ghost hunting is so new as many believed it to be.

ghost hunting

A team of hunters usually consists of just a few people who carry a specific tool, like the ones mentioned earlier, and try to find proof of a ghost residing on the location they are investigating. These locations are mostly old and abandoned houses that even give off a ghostly vibe. Some ghost hunting teams even offer tours where they take people with them to bear witness to their methods and discoveries. However, you should exercise caution since it’s not uncommon for people to get hurt on these tours. In one occasion a group of teenagers wanted to investigate a spooky looking home but were unaware that it was actually occupied. When they tried to flee from the location, the homeowner fired on them and seriously injured one. But that won’t discourage true hunters from their mission of proving that ghosts truly exist.


According to one survey, about a third of Americans believe that ghosts exist, though the belief rate drops with age. It does make sense, however, that younger people have more faith in the paranormal and the unexplainable considering all the pop-culture hype generated by ghosts but also their general expanded view of things around them. You see, while old people are convinced that there is nothing beyond their own little world, nothing special, nothing out of the ordinary, nothing beyond the horizon, the growing curiosity of younger generations and the ones coming after them, shows that we are willing to accept something out of the ordinary or special and even look as far as we can beyond the horizon. If you are one of those little few, then who says you can’t go ghost hunting and prove all those skeptics that they were wrong? And when something strange starts happening in the neighborhood, who are they gonna’ call? It could be you!